At SpotLife Asia, we cater to our audience with latest and greatest updates from The World of Entertainment, Lifestyle News and Events related to the South Asian Community around the world.  We bring you the most extraordinary, entertaining and inspirational information to view, read and share is our goal.

May it be through entertainment, lifestyle, healthy living, health concerns, fitness/exercise, coping with mental issues, looking for a positive outlook or in many other ways, at SpotLife Asia, we are always about making a difference in people’s life in the most optimistic way.

Bollywood! Who doesn’t love Bollywood?

The Bollywood industry and most importantly movies offer us an escape from everyday stressful life, and for over 100 years it has inspired people with countless influential films, not discounting the overflowing outbreak of dancing influenza.

This uniquely woven “Bollywood” culture is a huge part of SpotLife Asia as we go beyond Bollywood, bringing you the stories which matter. Our writers take pride in presenting you with gossip free and informative stories from star life to . . . life outside of stardom to . . . the great causes they stand for.

We are also about sharing Health & Fitness related information, Technology updates and Useful News which is not only useful in making your daily life better but will enhance you both personally and professionally.


What makes us unique in media industry?
We’re not focused on celebrity gossip but rather on the story, bringing fans closer to their favorite stars by sharing the news which matters most, both personally and professionally.

We highly focus on the content we provide and strive to make it Informative, Shareable and Worthwhile your time online.

Lots of online media publications or sites have content filled with gossip from the entertainment world, but we share with you what matters.

SpotLife Asia is proud to be unique and glad to have readers as unique as you.

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