5 ways to avoid festive binge eating.

For the strong-willed, health conscious people out there, it is no fun to always say ‘no’ when Diwali and other festivals are around the corner. If you plan on avoiding the extra kilos on your waist and hips, follow these simple tips.


Dont Eat To Make Others Happy
We often overestimate the hurt that we may cause to others by saying no to what they are offering. Stop associating food with guilt. Try and explain the person offering you food that you really do not want to overeat.

Eat Before Leaving Home
Be it shopping for the D-days or going to friends’ and relatives’ for parties, never leave home without grabbing a simple and light snack. This will help you not get famished and stop you from indulging in bingeing.

Its Available Year Round
Care to remember that it won’t be your last day on Earth and neither would it be the food’s you are gorging on. So stop. You can grab the gulab jamuns and rasgullas anytime of the year.

It’s easier said than done but try to remember that festivals are not just about food. They are about love, friendships and celebrations. So, catch up with friends for real before you forget how to do that.

Relax and Rest Up
Sounds odd but bingeing and resting are related. To put it simply: Lack of rest can induce stress and stress may trigger binge eating.


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